The scent of a used jockstrap, the feel of the cotton, the knowledge that it’s been worn by the object of your desire, all these things bring a stiffening to the gay cock and quicken the pulse. And, knowing that this Jock Obsession is a craving for many of us, Drill My Hole have come up with a wonderful new scene that plays with this theme. We have the cute and cuddly Colt Rivers here and he’s working out with dark and sexy Jimmy Fanz. This is a classic locker room hardcore scene given a nice extra twist by the jock worship that takes place.

Colt sneaks a look at Jimmy’s used jocks while his gym buddy is out of the locker room. He sees, he takes, and then he buries his face in one, sniffing in deep the musty smell of hot cock and balls, sweat and pubes. It doesn’t take him long to get off on this and he’s feeling himself up while sniffing the used jock when its owner comes back and catches him. But, far from being outraged and revolted, Jimmy is actually quite into it. He lets Colt carry on and then, taking down his shorts, lets him sniff and worship and lick the real thing; the jockstrap he is wearing, and that is now starting to tent out as his dick starts to get harder.

The jock worshiping continues until Colt can’t hold back and has to get that hard cock out. From then on he’s cock worshiping as well as jock sniffing as Jimmy teases his face and mouth with his hard length. The guys get naked and the blowing continues. Colt can really keep a cock hard and sucked for a marathon length of time without going slack, and Jimmy takes full advantage of that, fucking his face right there on the locker room bench. Hairy Jimmy lays back and lets his gym mate work his dick a good long time while he starts to explore what’s in Colt’s own jockstrap.

Jimmy gets his turn sucking dick and gives Cot’s hard inches a good slurping over, grabbing his balls tight in that manly way and getting his fuck buddy hard and ready for some anal. And in this scene it’s hairy Jimmy who gets to play bottom and Colt who gets to drive his solid shaft into the other guy. There is great cum shooting (and some cum eating) at the end of this hot scene where the dark and hairy Jimmy gets his fur all messed up and matted with think white jizz. It’s a perfect ending to a nice jock fetish movie.

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