Most people love to watch free gay video porn, actually, truth be known, I don’t understand people who don’t. I will watch more or less anything as long as there is a cock to two and a nice tight ass, I am up for anything. E-mail mail me later on …
The one thing I am not keen on though is when I type in ‘free gay porn’, and see a load of movies with women in them. What’s all that about? I want gay porn, not some guy fucking a pussy. It can put you off from beating your meat. I don’t dislike women, I have a few that are friends, and I just don’t want to see them naked, especially before breakfast. It will make my cornflakes curl up and go soft, and I dread to think what it would do to my porridge.

Sorry, I am going off the subject a bit here, but I needed to get it out. One of the many things I love about porn nowadays is the fact that you can watch most sites now on your mobile phone or even on your iPad. ‘Porn on the run’ I call it, I didn’t say I was funny now, did I?
You can get a real thing going on if you take your mobile to the public toilets and start watching it in a cubicle, or even as you stand there pretending to have a pee. I have done this twice now with great results, but that’s for another day, and just to let you know, once was in an airport.
Another time it was great was on a beach in Canada and I was lying on my front with loads of people around me. The beach was sandy and my cock could feel the warm sand through my swimming trunks. I turned my mobile on and tapped in free gay porn. I had my earphones on and couldn’t hear anybody around me, all I could hear was the sounds of men fucking hard. I felt someone nudge me after about twenty minutes. I looked around, and there was a cop in uniform. He was smiling down at me, and I could see the bulge in his pants. He nodded his head towards some rocks, and I followed him there.

Making sure no one else was watching, he pulled out his long hard, er, truncheon and got me to swallow it. I was expecting him to fuck me, but was more than pleased when he turned around and spread his butt cheeks wide open. His asshole was shaved clean, and as it’s rude to say ‘no’ I ploughed straight into him.
This sounds like a homosexual porn movie I would watch, I was just slightly disappointed that it wasn’t filmed, I would have been happy to have paid to watch that over and over again.
The point of this story is that make the most of your mobiles, get into free gay porn and watch it wherever you are, maybe on the bus, the train, in a pub, who knows what it may lead to, have fun, but play safe. …