Gay Of Thrones is an award winning series filmed by Gay Xxx Parody and released by Super Gay Hero. This first episode starts Abraham Al Malek and Toby Dutch, so get out those tissues and sit back and relax as you are in for a fantastic ride.

The Gay Parody Stars

Abraham All Malek has an amazing toned hairy body with a lovely six pack. He has a trimmed beard and enticing brown eyes and short black hair. He is five foot eight inches tall, and he is a versatile top with a seven and a half inch uncut cock.
Abraham has starred in 7 movies for this adult gay site , and his last movies was ‘My Brother The hooker Part 3’ where he sits on Colby Jansen’s hard cock.
Toby Dutch has a fit hard body and has a very cute face and fuckable ass. He is five foot ten inches tall, has dark blonde hair, lovely blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven inch cut cock.
Toby has starred in 3 movies for , and in his first movie, he pounds into Paul Walker’s tight ass in ‘Desire.’

Infomation about Gay Of Thrones

Out in the wilderness, Abraham All Malek, who is a proud leader of a tribe, sees Toby Dutch standing by a musky river. As sweet music plays in the background, Abraham circles Toby like he is his prey. Toby stands still as Abraham slowly strips him naked as he admires his hard body and pierced nipples.
Without saying a word, Abraham stokes his chest and arms, then he pushes Toby down to his knees and Toby holds on the Abrahams heavy parody balls as he sucks greedily on his hard seven and a half inch cock. Abraham is soon moaning out load as Toby bobs up and down on his now throbbing cock.
Before he cums too soon, he gets Toby to stand up as he returns the favour as he deep throats Toby’s hard dick, and this time, it’s Toby’s turn to call out with desire.
Abraham then gets Toby to get on his hands and knees on a rock as he opens up his firm butt cheeks, and licks out his sweet tight hole. With Toby still on his knees, Abraham stands up behind him, aims his cock directly at Toby’s wet asshole, and slides his cock all the way in right up to his balls. He fucks him doggy style for a while, and then as Abraham sits down, Toby mounts his cock as he rides him.
Gay Of Thrones
It’s mesmerizing to watch Toby’s cock as it bounces up and down as he carries on riding Abraham’s cock, and then as they stand up, Abraham All Malek fucks him until he can’t hold back any longer. Toby Dutch squats down as he watches Abrahams cum shooting out and landing on his chest. Toby strokes franticly on his own cock and after he has shot his cum into his hand, Abraham then wipes it all over his chest like a tribal ritual.
Gay Of Thrones is an amazing series and won the award for Best Gay Scene in 2015 at the NINFA awards. As well as winning this, Gay xXx Parody, who filmed this series, also won the Best Web for their original content at the 2016 Grabby’s awards.…